Syncthing ignores target folder in Android Note20 SDcard

I have the latest version of Syncthing Andriod installed on my Note20 Android phone. I want to sync the music in my Ubuntu Server 22.04 to the SD card on my Phone and not the internal storage on my phone. So in Action->Settings->Default Folder I changed the /storage/emulated/o/ path to /sdcard/syncthing/music path.

Here is the problem, I have tried many things and no matter what I do Syncthing automatically generates a /Syncthing/music/ path on my internal storage totally ignoring the correct path located on my SDcard. In short, all my synced files are ending up inside my internal phone storage and not my SDcard.

What am I doing wrong? I have given Syncthing app full app permission so it should be able to write and read to my SDcard. Can anybody out there please offer any advice and confirm if Syncthing is suppose to do syncing between an Android SDcard and an Ubuntu Fileserver? Any help welcome.

On Android, /storage/emulated/0/ and /sdcard/ are one and the same, both linking to the internal storage. You need to find out the actual path to the SD card which will likely be something like /storage/36E2-14BB/ (the numbers will differ).

Also make sure you’re actually editing the existing folder, not the defaults. That menu item you referenced only applies as a default for newly added folders. If it is already configured, you need to remove it and add it again, specifying the correct path at that time. Syncthing does not allow directly editing the path for existing folders, but always asks when configuring a new one.

Thank you to all for your postings. In short, I am FINALLY able to get my Syncthing to sync my music files between my Note20 phone, Ubuntu Server, and Win10PC. I wrote “FINALLY” in CAPS because I struggled with this problem for a very long time. In hindsight, I think my Samsung Android OS needlessly complicated this task because no where in the OS does it display a SDcard absolute path like the /storage/36E2-14BB/ path Tomasz86 posted as an example.

Additionally, in my Note20 phone Syncthing app I changed the Actions->Settings->Default Folder parameter to


and this configuration seems to work smoothly with my newly added Music, Photos, Audiobooks and Podcasts subfolders found within a newly created Syncthing parent folder located on my Note20 SDcard. I mention this because this is how I interpret what Acolomb said about the Default Folder parameter applying to newly added folders. Acolomb, if you think I still do not understand you correctly, can you explain it in a different way? Thanks.

The defaults are applied only at one point in time: when you are telling Syncthing it should set up a new shared / synced folder. Like pressing the + button in the app, tapping “Add Folder” in the Web UI (if you’re using that on the phone, from the slide-out menu), or when accepting a shared folder from the notification that pops up when the computer adds a new shared folder and offers it to the phone.

At these occasions, you get a form to fill in details like the folder path and its label, and the defaults just change what is pre-filled in these fields. You can and should however edit them to suit your needs, not simply rely on the defaults being right every single time.

It doesn’t apply at all when you simply put additional files and folders into an already configured and synchronized shared folder.

There are advanced functions like auto-accepting folders where you don’t have a chance to edit the path, but I assumed you’re not using that, as it seems overkill for the use case you describe.

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