Syncthing having trouble with Docker bind mounts on mergerfs

I recently migrated from a single btrfs drive (where I used docker and this configuration to happily run Syncthing):

    image: syncthing/syncthing
    container_name: syncthing
      - PUID=1501
      - PGID=1501
      - ./data/config:/config
      - /mnt/chungus/private/syncthing:/chungus
      - 8384:8384
      - 22000:22000
      - 21027:21027/udp

to a mergerfs mount with two btrfs drives in a pool. I copied everything across from the btrfs drive to the mergerfs mount. Permissions remained the same, all my other Docker containers are reading/writing without issue.

Syncthing can’t seem to see the folders I’ve mounted.

If I docker exec -it syncthing /bin/bash into the container, I can see the folders and their contents.

I have ran

chown -R backup:backup /mnt/chungus/private/syncthing
chmod -R 775 /mnt/chungus/private/syncthing

Unsurprisingly, this has no effect since the permissions are definitely correct. (backup is the user with id 1501)

This is what I’m getting in the syncthing logs:

WARNING: Failed to create folder root directory mkdir /mnt/chungus: file exists

WARNING: Error on folder "Tetst" (2gnnk-xvcfr): folder path missing

I change the mount in Docker to where the old btrfs drive is mounted, and things start working again.

Anyone had a similar experience?

Worth noting that running syncthing on the host does not exhibit the same behaviour.


Fixed - a parent directory did not have execute set on it :facepalm:

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