Syncthing has stopped syncing

Hi, my first post here so I hope I’m providing the right information.

My file server is OpenMediaVault running on a Raspberry Pi and I use Syncthing to back up two folders on my laptop. It worked just fine for a long time then I stopped checking it routinely. Now when I look at the GUI I can see that it hasn’t backed up for a long time. Any suggestions on what the problem might be please? Here are some screenshots.

Please show screenshots of the GUI from the “OMV” device. Currently, it seems that you’ve got two Send Only folders, and the other side (i.e. “OMV”) has modified their content, hence you see the “Override Changes” buttons. If you haven’t done any modifications there on purpose, the culprit may also be a hardware failure or similar.

It took a while but I found the password for the OMV GUI! Here are some errors:

I don’t want to create new folders on OMV, I want to continue using the existing ones.

This might be useful too:


The reason the remote device wants to add new folders is that I removed the original ones in an attempt to fix the problem.

So am I right that .stfolder is missing from the folders on the remote device?

If so, can I recreate it, and how?



Recreating .stfolder manually is usually not safe, so unless you know exactly what you’re doing, you shouldn’t do it. Here, it looks like you just need to remove the original folders first, and then add them again using the “New Folder” pop-ups under the same paths. Once everything scans and syncs, you will likely need to press the “Override Changes” buttons to make both sides identical.

Thank you! Still having problems though. I removed the folders on the remote device (OMV) then it said that my laptop wanted to share the Pictures folder. I added that with the same path as before and got this error message:


Yeah, so it appears that Syncthing hasn’t got enough permissions to access the path. OpenMediaVault is a custom Linux distribution based on Debian, so you may want to try to look it up and search how to properly set permissions up, so that Syncthing can access the path you want it to access. Those NAS operating systems often seem to limit applications’ access to selected paths only (or use per-application paths).

Ah yes I can see that now, although I don’t understand why the permissions would have changed since I installed it a few years ago. Anyway, it’s not for this forum so I shall retire gracefully and ponder my options.

Many thanks for listening!


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