syncthing hangs

Hi, i have syncthing arm on a bananaPi Syncthing seems to hang on a file: Sync cookies.sqlite 320 KiB / 448 KiB

client (laptop) has the actual data and has 1-2% CPU-Usage, the Pi has near 100% load with syncthing-process.

a third client (NAS) syncs also but it seems only from the pi, laptop also configured and Up-To-Date.

all clients has v14.19

pi is currently at 870kB missing and NAS is nearly 280MB…

if i click on link on “out-of-sync-items” i see the actual file…transmission stays on NAS Sync global-messages-db.sqlite 30.4 MiB / 157 MiB no visible progress

how can i debug it? i have restarted all Syncthings-instances…but it seems there is no syncing

regards Frank

You are not suppsed to sync databases, as they are changing faster than we can sync them.

the files listed are from my Thunderbird-Folder. Thunderbird is closed on client Laptop. so the files should not be changed outside the sync-process

Check the logs on the receiving side.


14:28:24.773552 memdb@flush created L0@1901 N·258 S·3KiB “\x03NJ…een,v5992926”:"\x04wo…can,v5992675" 14:28:24.777996 version@stat F·[1 7] S·13MiB[3KiB 13MiB] Sc·[0.25 0.14] 14:28:24.782182 db@janitor F·10 G·0 14:28:24.782535 db@open done T·187.175387ms 14:29:16.810987 table@compaction L0·1 -> L1·1 S·1MiB Q·5993112 14:29:18.242580 table@build created L1@1904 N·28730 S·1MiB “\x02\x00\x00…fon,v4904024”:"\b\x00\x00…\x00\x00\t,v5650448" 14:29:18.243189 version@stat F·[0 7] S·13MiB[0B 13MiB] Sc·[0.00 0.14] 14:29:18.398911 table@compaction committed F-1 S-3KiB Ke·0 D·258 T·1.587508084s 14:29:18.399523 table@remove removed @1901 14:29:18.402838 table@remove removed @1900

its 15:27 on that system…more than 1h old…

file was modified on restart syncthing, so i assume that its right…but after that file get no new entry

That is not the right log. Please refer to the docs.

In case you don’t find the relevant info: It is in this FAQ.

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