Syncthing GUI for ARM linux ?

Hi i see syncthing has GUI apps for Windows and MacOS. Anything the like for ARM linux distro ? I’m not a *nix geek at all…

Well, all syncthing builds ship with the webinterface. What functionality are you looking for that is not in the UI?

If you’re just looking for syncthing for ARM, all official builds are on GitHub: Releases · syncthing/syncthing · GitHub (click “show all” under Assets to see all builds)

For Debian/Ubuntu based distributions, an apt distribution channel is also available:

ok thanks, i thought the linux versions were CLI only.

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Please check The GUI can be accessed via a Web browser.

I have been using my GitHub - Martchus/syncthingtray: Tray application and Dolphin/Plasma integration for Syncthing successfully on an aarch64 Raspberry Pi (and also some PowerPC and s390x machines by the way). It provides tray/OS integration but generally still relies on the official GUI. Maybe that’s also a good middle-ground for your case. I currently don’t provide aarch64 binaries, though (except for openSUSE and Fedora and possibly Debian ships it now as well).

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