Syncthing GTK icon has disappeared.

Syncthing GTK icon has disappeared. The icon should be visible between TeamViewer and the Volume icon. After installing Syncthing GTK icon was still there but after reboot it is no longer visible. The Icon is just invisible. If you click on the wide spot then Syncthing GTK opens.

This is not strictly a syncthing issue, but a syncthing-gtk issue, however, in order to fix this we need further information. At least your OS and method of installation…

Hi my OS is Linux Mint 18 (Ubuntu 16.04) and i instaled Synkthing GTK over the repos

…interestingly, despite my prior nonchalance, I seem to have the same problem: :innocent: But I am running ArchLinux. Otherwise I would have said the problem lies with the maintainer but it seems to be either related to cinnamon or “upstream” meaning here

As a first step I tried to start it from the commandline to see if it complains, but then I got the icon back-> No complaints. I will observe this…

I am not seeing this on vanilla Ubuntu 14.04. installed from package manager.

Today the icon is suddenly appeared by itself again. On both computers.

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After restarting the icon has disappeared again. We’ll see when it is to be seen again.

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