Syncthing-GTK: any way to both send and receive files for a folder?

I know that I can set “Send & Receive” on Android, but on the Linux GUI (yeah yeah i know terminal good gui bad) program I can only set to just send or just receive. Is it possible to also have both options for a folder on desktop?

What do you mean by “Linux GUI”?

Syncthing only has web-based GUI, which is the same for all the supported platforms, and has “Send & Receive” as an option (actually, as the default option) for folders.

Are you using some kind of a GUI wrapper?

I- I guess I am. Like the thing to download as a program. This. There is no option to set both send AND receive, double checked.

That’s the Syncthing-GTK wrapper you’re using. I have no experience with that, but hopefully someone will answer.

There are two checkboxes on every folder when you edit them:

[ ] Send only folder

[ ] Receive only folder

Leave both unchecked, and you have send-receive folder.


That… Makes sense. I tried to check them both for some reason. Thanks.

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Just set this up myself on my laptop and android; photos are all syncing (woot! women’s march pictures coming across!) and I’ve edited files on both sides in the default directories and seen them sync. Nice! Interfaces are a bit on the techy side, so you may need to focus and understand the bits and pieces, but the whole thing worked fast!

Are you looking at this page? You have to have both devices configured with each other’s device ID; I’m betting this is what you’re missing. I shipped the android’s ID across to the laptop via a dropbox textfile, and then when I got to adding the deviceID of the laptop via the android syncthing app, just took a scan of the qcode from the laptop screen. I set up a directory beyond the default, but you can just take the defaults; they work fine.

Nonono, you misunderstood. My devices are connected, I just can’t upload from my PC to my phone. But as SanskritFritz said, unchecking both boxes should work.

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