Syncthing - FreeNAS VM - Permissions.

Okay so this will probably be long winded, but I will caveat before I begin, I have been running Syncthing for a long time, and it has been flawless bar the occasional niggle - so thank you for the great software

I know parts of the question are FreeNAS related but I will post here first as I think some of the issue is Syncthing based.

I have a FreeNAS box, on which I run a Ubunutu VM. On my FreeNAS I have a pool with data sets as follows.




They have the following ACLs applied to them

Media  - Group - Family - Full Control, Inherit.
       - Group - VMUser - Full Control, Inherit.
Alice  - Group - Alice - Full Control, Inherit. 
       - Group - VMUser - Full Control, Inheret.
Bob   - Group - Bob - Full Control, Inherit. 
      - Group - VMUser - Full Control, Inheret.

Both Alice and Bob are members of the Family group. VMUser is a member of both the Bob and Alice group.

I have a SAMBA share, and connect to that share on the Ubuntu VM using the VMuser login via fstab

//IP/Share /media cifs username=VMUser,password=XXX,uid=1000,gid=1000  0  0

Sure enough, can see Alice, Bob and Media on Media on the Ubuntu VM. So far so good.

I have syncthing set up on my laptop, and on the Ubuntu VM. Laptop via SyncTrayzor and docker on the Ubuntu VM.

I am syncing folders from my laptop to the Ubuntu VM, the VM is receive only and part of a bigger cluster.

The issue I get is locally changed items on the VM? Nothing should be changing them as nothing else is accessing them on the VM, and the changes are just exisiting files changed to 0 B. When I click revert local changes I then usually end up with failed items. Where it says “file modified but not rescanned; will try again later”

Also of note, if I access the network share on my laptop with the Bob user, I can’t see any files that have been created by Syncthing. However if I access FreeNAS via SSH and do a ls -l on the folder, the files are there

d---rwx---+  4 Bob     Bob          11 Oct  7 08:03 XXX
----rwx---+  1 VMUser  Bob       13540 May 17 17:09 XXX.docx

I’m sure this is a permission issue I am not getting correct, I’ve not been using the ACLs on FreeNAS for very long so chances are I am doing something wrong there but not sure what.

Edit: Link to FreeNAS forum post on same issue

A search here on freenas permissions yields a few threads. I have a vague memory that the truth is to disable Windows-style ACLs, or something like that.

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