Syncthing Foundation, community board, or similar?

Noticed that version 0.14.42 was slightly delayed from its expected release date. This was totally no issue what so ever and would hope that the developers had a great Holiday season instead of working on intricacies of Syncthing.

However this created a question. Is there a Syncthing Foundation or community board or something similar in place encase calmh ever leaves the project? Never ever see this happening in reality, but that is not the point. To ensure the longevity of this project just wondering what kind of system is setup so that Syncthing could (theoretically) operate without the greatness of calmh. Know that someone could just fork the GitHub repo of course but that would be leaving the Syncthing brand and starting a new support forum and website and everything which would not be optimal in a situation such as the above.

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Nope, nothing official. We’ve talked about it, but it hasn’t been necessary so far. Were I to leave the project we’d get that appropriately set up, assuming it wasn’t via getting hit by a bus.

As for the actual infrastructure and stuff, other people have access and could figure it out.

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