Syncthing-Fork, percent indicator

I have installed on Android 12 the Synthing-Fork v1.21.0, the current version.

The APP seems to sync everything, I have tested that because of this issue here with a file. I have a lot more to sync on my smartphone, but the syncing sometimes at 7%, sometimes at 42% or the like and regarding the percent indicator it seems to stuck. Resetting changes or the entire database does not help in each case, or even a simple restart then only leads back to the same breakpoint.

Everything is shown as green and up to date in the GUI, so folders and devices seem to be synced, this one test above seems to confirm that. So it is not recognizable where the problem should lie or what should not be synced. Also when I open the web GUI on my computer, everything seems green and iO.

It almost seems like the percent indicator in the top right of the smartphone GUI is doing what it wants.

Same issue on a second Android device with Android 9.

I also checked also the connected device, all seems synced and all indications are on green.


Could it be related to this issue? Progress indicator shows 96%, but folders are in sync · Issue #913 · Catfriend1/syncthing-android · GitHub

I think that might have something to do with offline devices.

Will try to analyse that problem at the point it hits myself :-). Currently my sync status reaches 100% just fine with some paused folders/devices.

Are folder and device states consistent when comparing the wrapper UI and the Web UI on phone?

It seems to be the same issue except for the fact that it is not over and does not pass when other devices become active.

I have devices that come active daily for a period of time, such as one or two Synology for backups, or devices that are active irregularly, such as a second computer, etc. It is very rare that all of them are active at the same time. However, this has been the case for years and until recently it was not a problem in this matter here.

As described above, folder and device status are consistent when I compare the wrapper UI and the web UI. If I only paid attention to that, everything would be in sync and fine.

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Thanks for the update

After reset of the database it seems to run smoothly now … :+1: … the reset of modifications was not enough to reset also the indicator.

In the meantime same situation as before. On both my Android devices with Android 9 and 12 the indicator is on 73% today, but in the APP GUI or Web GUI is nothing visible about working or stucking syncs. On all my other devices the both Androids are actual.

At this point I run a reset of modification index but up to now now reset of the complet database.

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We need to check where the numbers come in. The fork app tried to derive everything from the event API to save battery.

In which way we can check any issues?

Fix: Ignore folderSummary.completion=0% when folder is idle (fixes #913) by Catfriend1 · Pull Request #915 · Catfriend1/syncthing-android · GitHub

And a little enhancement to show the needBytes of disconnected devices, just like the Web UI does it. ( Show needBytes of disconnected devices by Catfriend1 · Pull Request #916 · Catfriend1/syncthing-android · GitHub )

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