syncthing force auto-upgrade superseding developmental version of code.

I am developing a new feature for syncthing, but the auto upgrade is somehow not allowing me to see the developmental version post upgrade. If I revert changes, syncthing will always force upgrade after a period of time. How can I keep working on developmental version?

You need to set STNOUPGRADE=1 env var or run with -no-upgrade command line switch.

If I need to kill any chance of an upgrade without a restart I go into advanced and set

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If that developmental version is something that you compile yourself, use the -no-upgrade option when building it, e.g.

go run build.go -goos windows -no-upgrade zip

Then your build will never upgrade, regardless of other configuration options.

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Apart from all the ways of preventing upgrades noted above, if your dev version wants to upgrade it’s because it thinks it’s older than the latest release version. If you fetch and merge with main you’ll get more up to date code which will also tag itself as newer than whatever is released.