Syncthing for windows ignore list clarification requried

I just set up Syncthing on 2 Windows servers for our mail system, ‘mail1’ (secondary WAN) and ‘mail2’ (primary LAN). All is working well. However, I’m hesitant to use the ignore list as there may be issues/limitations with the Windows version. I Want to seek clarification.

I wish to ignore the below (in Windows format); these are the rules I plan to put in place on the ‘mail2’ primary server) so ‘mail1’ can be configured slightly differently.

MDaemon\Backup (the entire directory)
MDaemon\App\MDaemon.ini (specific file in only)
MDaemon\App\*.exe (all .exe in a specific directory)
MDaemon\App\*.dll (all .dll in a specific directory)
MDaemon\App\Learn.bat (specific file in a specific directory)
MDaemon\App\INSTALL.LOG (specific file in a specific directory)

Does this look sensible?

The ignore list looks good (of course, assuming that the text in brackets is only here for explanation and not in the actual ignore patterns :wink:).

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Looks fine to me, too. There are only minor Windows-specific caveats in the ignore documentation: Windows matches are always case-insensitive, and escaped characters are not supported in Windows.

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Thanks, we can assume :slight_smile:

Another clarification, if possible, I would like to have a specific file copied across from an excluded directory. Is this possible, and if not, is there a reasonable workaround?

\LocalData (Ignore this directory)
!\LocalData\LocalData.ini (but do not ignore this file, e.g copy)

You need to switch the order though. First match wins, so the negated line needs to stand before the one ignoring its parent directory.


Ahh, that makes sense; ladder logic, thank you.

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