syncthing for pst files

Dear all,

I have in a production environment 5TB of pst files stored in lan pc.

so I have for example

client1: c:<user>\document\pst that holds 2 pst of 4 and 5 GB respectively.

client2: c:<user>\document\pst that holds 1 pst

every pst is attached to and Outlook client so potentially the whole file changes during the day beacuse on it the users save emails or do other action.

I try to use megasync and onedrive for business for having a copy of these pst files. But every time a changes happens the whole file is being syncronized over and over during the day.

Using syncthing on the client could help me solving the issues?

Thanks for any help

It’s best if you try.

PST files can be memory mapped etc which might cause problems syncing then.

Syncthing tries to reuse as much content as it can, but if the files get appends in the middle, you have a weak cpu where weak hash is disabled, it would still retransfer large chunks.