Syncthing for multiple users

My use case is to use syncthing for multiple users (friends and family) to backup their personal data on a NAS.

A search for multi user syncthing got me to believe that I need to run one instance of syncthing per user. I tried a different approach -

I created a new user and a group - syncthing:syncthing with its own ~ folder and run it under its own user space. Now each user creates a folder with group RW permissions and I add it to syncthing. Additionally, each user adds synthing to their group.

While this defeats the purpose of syncthin (no central server), serves our purpose - of backing up data to a NAS( or multiple NAS), syncing multiple computers.

Is there anything seriously bad about this? from security point of view or anything else?

If you aren’t regularly backing up the user folders on the NAS to another location then it’s not a backup solution. Otherwise as soon as they delete something from their local machine, it’s gone (not including versioning).


That’s okay. The backup is protect against computer loss, crashes etc. I am aware that I would loose files if I deleted them myself.