Syncthing for Android - custom contract or consult work (paid)

Hi, I wonder if someone here, who knows well Syncthing and its Android wrapper internals, would be available for custom contract work, or at least consultation. My goal is to create a custom “Sync Plugin” for my android app, @Voice Aloud Reader, to let users sync app folders and files between different devices.

It would need to be a simplified Syncthing for Android app, even easier to configure than the standard Syncthing Android wrapper (I would tell it programmatically which folder to sync for example). I would need to control the sync to some extent from my code, e.g. I would need first to export an internal SQLite database to a file as well, to be synced with the rest of the files and folders, then upon sync completed, resolve all the differences in states, like take the furthest reading progress in an ebook made on any device etc. Maybe some folders and/or files would need to be excluded from sync too, if at all possible…

Alternative suggestions on how to solve the sync problem in the app would be welcome too. Payment via PayPal only.


One could maybe wrap Syncthing for your purposes and control it via the REST Api, but I think the better approach would be a native implementation. Maybe something like or based on, a java implementation of the Syncthing protocol? Just some pointers, I don’t have any actual knowledge of Android development.

Thank you very much for your kind suggestion, Simon. Will take a look at a-sync.