Syncthing folder shows "Up to Date" but has wrong "Global State"


I had this problem already half a year ago and switched to BtSync - after I saw that another syncthing configuration of mine actually was working very well, I decided to give it another try but have the same problem all over again:

I have 2 computers in a local network which are sharing a directory. The global state is ~4,7GB and ~127k files. Additionally I have a server which is used as global backup, … it is showing the directory with the green label Up to Date but only showing ~68k files and ~1,6GB in the Global State. Is this a temporary thing? Is there a way I can tell him - this is not the global state?

Last time, I had a similar problem with a folder of pictures shared between 3 nodes in the local network - that went very well - and the same server in question. This folder was ~180GB and ~35k files. A different, similarly sized, folder of pictures from a different client to the same server synced without problems during that period. And up to now the “Global State” is consistent on both of these nodes.

Or could it be simply that my clients are so overwhelmed with uploading data, that there is a problem sending the metadata? (The upload speed of my internet connection is effectively only around half an Mbit right now)

Also the difference is that the multiple nodes where the Global State becomes inconsistent are laptops which get turned on and off quite frequently, while the other node which worked is a NAS in a local network which was online for all the time.

It would be great to have a way to forcefully sync metadata in order to get out of this inconsistency.

Thx, Peter

Can we see some screenshots?

Actually, when I was taking the screenshot it just moved a bit further, you’ll see now that the global state is slightly bigger than in my initial description, but it’s still wrong. Although maybe at the moment it is really just the slow internet connection and this time it will work out, here the screenshots:

From one of my laptops with the correct global state:

From the server, now syncing (before it was showing Up to Date) - but it still has a wrong global state:

Maybe a solution for this could also be to always first sync meta data and only afterwards the actual content? I think the BitTorrent protocol works somehow like that.

Anyways - if you think, this is how it’s supposed to behave and everything is ok, I’ll check back with you in a week, if it is now working or I got into a similar state like last time (no screenshots from there unfortunately)

I think it’sstill performing the initial index exchange. But that would imply very slow network speeds/disk speeds.

This will also happen every time you restart.