Syncthing file with multiple users

Hi, I need help with my case: I’m running Syncthing on Centos as a service with user A and sharing a folder with user A permission, the data needed to be synced on Syncthing is from a ftp server, but I use user B to transfer data from ftp sv to the folder so that data have user B permission. Hence Syncthing shows Failed item because the user permission of data is user B and the Syncthing folder is user A permission. How can I get rid of Failed item?

I’m not sure of the specifics of your question, but in order to sync files Syncthing needs to have permission to access them. This is the same as any other program.

Basically, how does Syncthing sync data when data have other user ownership, not the user which running Syncthing? Is this possible ?

You can use groups, maybe ACLs. You can research Linux permissions to see what works for you.

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