Syncthing file size limit and number of files limit

Could Syncthing be configured to replicate about 200TB and 11 million or more files? Some of the files are over 100GB. These are all just flat files, like documents, audio and video files. The NAS receiving the files would be loaded up initially and then the changes would normally be less then 10GB per day over a 1Gb line. There would be times where the delta would be more than 10GB.

Should I even consider Syncthing or should a be looking for another product? If another product do you have a suggestion?

Thanks! Jeff

You could better look into FreeBSD/FreeNAS with ZFS filesystem replication (over SSH) that would be a better choice for this amount of data. See

Someone is using Syncthing with 90 TB and 9 million files. So it seems doable, as you are in a similar order of magniture (other people might have even more data, but reporting disabled). One thing to keep in mind is that the initial scan would probably take a very long time to complete.

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I think you interpret the stats incorrectly. IMHO the 100% 90TB and 9 million files is the sum of all clients which send anonymous stats.

No, thats a single client.


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