Syncthing fails to open Browser

I’ve used Syncthing for years on Windows and Android, but now having major problems getting it running correctly in a new install on Windows 11. Now 26 hours in, and need some help!

I’ve got Syncthing to start, but it doesn’t open the browser, all I get is the log output.

I am using Local Discovery only.

Config.xml includes true

If I start Brave manually I get errors, but can eventually get to the point where it’s viewing Syncthing.

Test folder appears to be syncing correctly.


Brave is my default Browser. It is also my only Browser on this system.

Any help would be appreciated greatly. Thanks, Pete

Maybe something is unhappy about the removal of Edge. Bookmarking Syncthing in Brave should be equivalent, though.

Many thanks for getting back to me.

I had wondered about that. I altered my configuration so I am now “based in the EU”, and uninstalled Edge correctly using Windows uninstall, so it shouldn’t cause problems - but that is a big ask where Windows is concerned.

I have bookmarked Syncthing in Brave, and I can get it to connect by opening the link after starting Syncthing, but I do get errors and warnings.

and then:

Is there something I’ve missed during Syncthing installation that causes this warning?

That warning is expected. Your browser only trusts https connections with a certificate that originates from a well-known root CA.

You can safely click on Proceed to (unsafe) in this case.

:+1: Many thanks. It’s good to have that confirmed.

The issues that have arisen using Windows 11 are never ending.

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