Syncthing fails to ask for root permissions

I’m trying to run Syncthing as root in order to properly sync files on an SD card. I have Magisk set up and it works for other apps. But when I tap “Run Syncthing as Superuser” option, I don’t get the root allow/deny prompt, I just get the message “Did not get root permissions” followed by “Syncthing was denied Superuser rights”. Is it not asking correctly?

Version information:

App Version: 1.13.0 Syncthing Version: 1.13.0 Android Version: Lineageos 17.1 with MicroG (Android 10)

Works for me. Check in the Magisk superuser settings whether Syncthing already got denied superuser rights before.

How do you do that exactly? I looked through the Magisk settings and don’t see how to check which apps have been denied. I have Magisk v22.

Open the magisk app, tap on the shield-like button at the bottom and a list of apps should appear, including Syncthing.

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Woah, I didn’t realize that menu was there >.< I blame Magisk’s UX design.

This was the problem, I flipped the Syncthing switch to on in that menu and now I can run it as root.


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