Syncthing failed to notify sync failed for months!

I have had it with this failure of a software it does not notify at all when sync has failed! Had the stupid marker on folder error so when my Android failed an update and I lost everything I was missing over 4 months of backups! I lost months because the app does not notify!

Is there a better app to do this that actually has notification as we can’t rely on this crap since Developers refuse to create a notification system! I will pay for a real sync software for Windows and Android since this is UNRELIABLE!

The Android app does have some issues and also does need more active maintenance (see—co-maintainers-welcome).

On the other hand, please remember that sync software is not backup software, and if you treat and rely on it as your sole backup solution, you will very likely end up with data loss at some point.


Hi Molitar,

You might have similar problems with paid software.

If you didn’t notice after 4 months, perhaps there’s a bigger reliability issue.

Always verify your data, INCLUDING with paid software.

Syncthing works perfectly, something must have been wrongly configured on your end.

Good luck with your paid software, but if you ever come back, please share tangible information to help you find the reason of the issue, and the community will participate into helping you fixing it.

And please watch your language.


FWIW, and having learned the hard way this is my backup set up and I don’t think it’s excessive. I have two cloud backups, one on Google drive, and the other on pCloud. In addition to this I almost daily have two offline backups on external drives: one a backup of EVERYTHING (so I can find a file that was accidentally deleted months ago…) and one ‘mirror’ which syncs.

On my end I check that my backups work and that I can restore them every 1st of the month. Not just syncthing, but everything.

It’s a recurring to-do item on my tasks. Once done I mark it as “done” and it’ll come back next month.