syncthing.exe is not a valid win32

Hello, im new here and with syncthing. I have it working ok on a few pcs.

Im having an issue trying to make it work on a Windows Server 2008 SP2 pc.

When i start syncthing 1.3.3, windows says that syncthing.exe is not a valid win32 app

i tried previous versions, 1.2.2 starts ok, but it autoupdates and wont start again after updating to 1.3.3, same error as direct 1.3.3 download.

Any ideas? what could i try?

1.3.0 and newer require a more modern windows. You can disable uogrades in the settings.

The system requirements specify “Windows 7, Server 2008R2 or later” (, so it should still be working here, shouldn’t it?

Thanks, i managed to do that changing the xml file and i made it work with 1.2.2

2008 R2 is newer than 2008 SP2 R1, thanks for your answer

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