Syncthing don't start after sleep


i have a problem with my syncthing. I’m using macOS Sierra (10.12.5) I have installed syncthing and found an issue. After I close my macbook (sleep) and open it again, syncthing don’t start. The web gui is not available. I always need to restart my computer, then it’s working. Is there any log file to check, why its happen?

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How did you install it?


i have used this instructions:

Download and extract Syncthing for Mac:

Copy the syncthing binary (the file you would open to launch Syncthing) into a directory called bin in your home directory i.e. into /Users//bin. If “bin” does not exist, create it. Open syncthing.plist located in /etc/macosx-launchd. Replace the four occurrences of /Users/USERNAME with your actual home directory location. Copy the syncthing.plist file to ~/Library/LaunchAgents. If you have trouble finding this location select the “Go” menu in Finder and choose “Go to folder…” and then type ~/Library/LaunchAgents. Copying to ~/Library/LaunchAgents will require admin password in most cases. Log out and back in again. Or, if you do not want to log out, you can run this command in terminal: launchctl load ~/Library/LaunchAgents/syncthing.plist Note: You probably want to turn off “Start Browser” in the web GUI settings to avoid it opening a browser window on each login. Then, to access the GUI type (by default) into Safari.

That sounds like a proper setup. Since you used our plist file you will have logs in ~/Library/Logs/Syncthing.logs and ~/Library/Logs/Syncthing-Errors.logs, maybe they say something relevant.


thanks for your support. Syncthing is running but I just see this msg pop up every 10 sec.:

19:36:18 FATAL: Cannot open database: resource temporarily unavailable - Is another copy of Syncthing already running?

I don’t think I’m running a second syncthing.

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