Syncthing doesn't work after Hibernation

Whenever I put my pc into Hibernation and then wake it up, Syncthing stops working.

I’ve followed this guide, Starting Syncthing Automatically — Syncthing documentation. And in the New Trigger Tab I’ve ‘At Startup’ instead of ‘At Log On’.

If I re-run Syncthing by double clicking the ‘syncthing.exe’, a command window opens and I can use it for as long as that window is open. Am I missing something here?

Please enable tasks history as follows.


Then, restart the computer, make sure that Syncthing is running, then try to hibernate and resume. Once done, go to the “History” tab for the Syncthing task and take a screenshot of everything that has been recorded there, then copy and paste it here.


Hmmm, now it seems to work for some weird reason.

In the last 5 days, instead of shutting down the pc at night, I’m putting it in Hibernation and every time Syncthing wouldn’t work afterwards.

Thanks @tomasz86 for the good will. I’m gonna keep an eye out and update this thread whenever this weird problem comes up again.

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You may want to check in the config folder (see whether there are any panic logs there. Maybe the program crashed and that’s why it wasn’t running when you resumed the PC previously?

Well, it happened again.

The laptop was in the charger for the last couple of days non-stop.

Can you try configuring the task conditions as follows?

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