Syncthing doesn't sync with Android

Opened an issue but was directed here

I installed Syncthing-GTK and Syncthing Android, and tried created a sync folder on my workstation

Syncthing Android doesn’t see my files from Syncthing GTK

I don’t think you’ve connected the devices properly. The empty folder looks like the default folder on the Android device, and is probably not associated with the default sync folder on your workstation at all yet.

The first step I would do to understand this is to open the web version of syncthing on both devices. Then you won’t be using different interfaces, but will see both devices exactly the same. I expect when you do this you’ll see a notification come up on the Android device saying you need to accept the share, and it will be fairly self-explanatory from there.

Open the web version on the computer in a web browser at

Open the web version on the Android device by tapping “Web GUI” in the side menu

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No, the default folder on Android is “Camera”.

This “Default folder” only appeared when I accepted it from my PC. doesn’t show me anything EDIT: has the web UI on desktop

The web UI definitely helped. Now I’m seeing that the file I wanted isn’t working because it is a symlink

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