Syncthing doesn't play with Errands

Big fan of Syncthing; now trying to use it to syncronize Errands (GitHub - mrvladus/Errands: Todo application for those who prefer simplicity.), which is also a Flatpak app, but for reasons uknown to me, Syncthing isn’t able to copy ANYTHING from ~/.var/app/io.github.mrvladus.List to another device. The Errands author suggested it might be a Flatpak issue with permissions, and thought it might be a better idea to ask here.

I’ve checked the permissions for that directory and its subdirs, and they all belong to me/my group. What am I missing?

Flatpak uses sandboxing to isolate apps. I don’t know the solution for you, but that might lead you to the right search keywords.

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Thanks for the hint - Flatseal seems to have resolved the issue: under the Syncthing app settings I simply added the relevant subdirectory - so far, so good.

So you are using Syncthing installed from a Flatpak as well? That would be an important factor in diagnosing problems. Because then Syncthing is inside a sandbox and not looking at the other app’s (different) sandbox from the outside. So the Flatpak restrictions regarding the Syncthing Flatpak do apply.

Where did you install Syncthing from?

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