SyncThing doesn't detect\sync all files

Trying to sync a FREENAS dataset with a Windows 10 workstation for backup purposes. The total amount of files on the FREENAS SMB share is 262,132. However, there are differences between the FREENAS and the Windows 10 workstations that I can’t seem to resolve. The following was taken when browsing to the FREENAS share, selecting all of the folders\files, right clicking on the selected folders and selecting properties. It shows the correct number of files that are supposed to be syncing. I am new to SyncThing so I am not reall sure where to go from here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Screenshot of SyncThing, white GUI theme, running in a FreeNAS jail that points to the dataset I am trying to sync with the Windows 10 workstation. The number of folders and file count is off.

SyncThing running on the Windows 10 workstation; dark theme.

When I use something like FreeFileSync to compare the FREENAS with the Windows 10 PC that I am trying to use SyncThing with it shows the 859 file differences.

First of all I would recommend an update of the FreeNAS installation to the current version and watch how the result looks.

Andy, thanks for the reply. I already had\have FreeNAS on the latest release. I am not using the FreeNAS plugin for Syncthing either. I created a jail and manually installed ST. It was on ST version 1.4 and last night i upgraded it to 1.5. After the upgrade the Global State shows the correct number of files, but the Local state shows more files than the Global State. After the upgrade it some additional files sync’d, but it still shows that there is a difference of 727 files.

you can click on “out of sync items” for more info

yes, but unfortunately it doesn’t give me much info other than what files are out of sync.

It’s super weird there’s evidently information on the correct state (remote out of sync number matches what actually differs on disk), but the local/global states and folder states are wrong.

Could you query for one of the missing files please on both sides? Curl instructions: Powershell: [ How To ] call the REST API from Windows PowerShell

Here are the results. Blurred out the paths and partial file names since this is all client related info that I don’t want out on the net.

Syncthing - FreeNAS output

Syncthing - Windows Output

Looks like ST upgrade was performed overnight. Issue seems to be resolved after being upgraded to 1.61

Win 10


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