Syncthing does not recognize SD card in Android

I have just installed Syncthing on my Android tablet and Windows 10 laptop with the intention of keeping synchronized files between the laptop and the Android device SD card. However, when I attempt to add a folder and then go to the folder picker, I see various folders displayed for the device itself (which only has 16GB), but only one for my SD card (which is 128GB and has the data I want to sync) and the latter appears as follows:


When I click on this one, it tells me the folder is empty. This does not give me access to the data I need to sync. I have looked at the FAQ and documentation for anything regarding what I need and have not found any answers. If I have missed something, please accept my apologies and direct me to the right place.

See syncthing-android’s own faq entry:

If you use a custom rom or have root access, you can work around this limitation.