Syncthing does not open browser anymore

Hi, I’m using syncthing on an Ubuntu laptop and previously, it worked fine and opened to firefox. Since I didn’t need it anymore and was using chromium, I uninstalled it. Syncthing does not seem to open the GUI on chrome and returns a “No uPNP device connected” error.

How can I solve this?

Syncthing uses xdg-open to start whatever browser your desktop environment thinks is the default. So that’s probably where you need to start looking.

The UPnP notice is unrelated; it just means we didn’t find an UPnP-speaking router on your network.

Thanks, for whatever reason, I seem to have solved the issue by resetting the config file.

There is also a checkbox “start browser” in the settings. If you’d unchecked that one, it wouldn’t start the browser any more, and resetting to default would revert that indeed.

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