syncthing does not connect to devices in my docker

Hello, I installed my syncthing on my backup server with docker and it opens fine but I can’t connect any device, please help me see what happens.

I open syncthing on my server and put the qr to scan it with my cell phone

but when I scan it on my cell phone it comes out as disconnected

and on the server it never shows that something has been connected…

all configuration is standard

ok apparently it already works, however in a standard way it didn’t work and I changed the addresses for tcp4:// and ‘I detect it’

Now I just installed the client for windows but when I run it a console window appears

Is there a way to hide it and make it run as a daemon or background when I turn on the laptop?

Please check the Docs at and specifically Although, if you’re not a power user, you probably should just run SyncTrayzor instead of the bare Syncthing binary, which will take care of everything (no console, tray icon, autostart, etc.).

thanks i’ll read it then

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