syncthing does not auto detect in a same LAN between android and manjaro pc

hii, my syncthing does not auto detect in a same LAN between android and manjaro pc, why ? my ufw is inactive.

and NoRoot Firewall on android phone is set to prompt me when any new software asked for any permission of access. i hav no prompt of syncthing on android need Noroot firewall permission. previously i have allowed the port that syncthing needed…

i saw other ppl doing it in youtube, as long as my manjaro syncthing and android syncthing both are on, it will auto detect any sycnthing machine in a LAN… why mine does not detect each other ?


I think NoRoot Firewall is a “vpn wrapping” service, this doesn’t work well with Syncthing Android. I don’t know if the broadcasts are delivered through that “vpn” and as well setting up run conditions on the Android may glitch because the Android OS reports VPN as “metered WiFi”.

i tried metered wifi does not work. but my VPN firewall works. if i type in opposite device id into each other, it is able to sync just fine, but if i am lazy to type the long id into each other devices, it can’t auto detect… is there any settings that i have not turned on ? which settings are related for this auto detect ?

For clarification: do you type in the device id or ip? The discovery broadcast should be on udp #21067

i typed in device id… i don’t know there is way to type in device ip. i don’t have ufw on linux laptop activated… should not be any blockage.

Well, if you used the device id I expect Syncthint connected over relay instead of using local network.

can you pls explain to me what do you meant by relay (server ? what does it do ? ), are you meaning to say global discovery server ?

i just just a moment ago, changed all the pc and androids and iphone in my network to static ip address… so now, it will be easier ?

any idea ? anyway, i am jsut gonna keep it as static ip…

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u said the “relay” … is it a relay server like global discovery server that is running somewhere outside my lan ?

It’s in the docs, please go read them.

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i got it already. relay is actually for connecting devices what direct connection is not possible… i don’t know what situation direct connection is not possible… what i could think of are: 1, one of the machine is in cloud. 2. one of the machine is mobile phone, which uses dynamic ip that is assigned my mobile data service provider company (each session is diff ip address) 3. the machine is behind firewall , such as china great firewall ? 4. alien interferences, hence need a relay server to send the data thru the relay server, hence the alien never thought of blocking relay server…

did i get it right ? pls correct if wrong. appreciate it.

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