Syncthing Docker timezone

How do I set correct timezone in syncthing/syncthing image from docker hub? The machine time MSK but the docker time is UTC.

This is a Docker question. I googled it for you and docker run -e TZ=Sweden/Stockholm ... seems to be one option. With your own time zone, and the rest of the command as appropriate, of course.

Depending on the image, you can also bind mount /etc/localtime from the host in the docker run command:

-v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro

Yes, thanks you, i found these tricks in the internet too before starting the topic, but as long as I try to run syncthing docker with any of these keys trying to set the correct time, the docker has “Restarting” status and fails to start. Futhermore I can’t stop it with “docker stop CONTAINER_ID” but have to forcibly remove it with “docker rm -f CONTAINER_ID” instead.

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