Syncthing docker setup

I’m new to this world and I have installed Syncthing in a Terramaster via docker with syncthing / syncthing container. and installed with default settings. Now i want to acces to GUI for configuring with http://localhost:8384/ where local host is my Nas local IPm, but doesn’t work. How i can access to GUI of syncthing in the NAS? THanks!

Another thing it’s that i try to connect from outside network to NAS with his ID extracted form docker app in container details, but can’t connect. IN container datails appear a message with (relay-server) rejected: unknown device with the ID of the device i tested

I can only suggest that you make sure you forward the relevant ports in Docker. Anything else is probably specific to your NAS and you’re better off looking there for support.

Thanks for the reply, i’ve opened all this ports and not work :frowning:

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