Syncthing discovery does not work [TrueNAS/iocage]

Failed to connect via relay

How to recreate:

Spin up a TrueNAS deployment and install syncthing.

When i have installed syncthing i get the following message if i click into the discovery;

global@ Post “”: context deadline exceeded

Just deleted the jail and installed it again. Without changing anything on TrueNAS. Should have taken a backup…

Seems it can’t make HTTPS calls to the outside world. That will indeed make some things not work.

I have the same. And if I try to open in browser, it says “not found”. Is something up with the discovery servers?

Okay, I fixed my issue. Somehow, the container went into double NAT. Switched the container to the macvlan network driver, and now everything works correctly :slight_smile:

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