Syncthing disabled on VPN

I’m using ProtonVPN and have enabled split tunneling to allow Syncthing to connect to the LAN, but it remains disabled.

Version Information

App Version: 1.4.2
Syncthing Version: not displayed in app
Android Version: Android 9

I’ve attached a screenshot of the log.

The log is of the operating system, which sadly does not say much.

Anyway, I think there is something weird in the way android reports VPN connections, hence why I think it says what it does.

What “run condition” options do you have enabled?

The log is from within the app. Is there another way to get it?

I’ve attached a screenshot of the run conditions.

Try enabling metered wifi, as it might be identified as that.

That didn’t work unfortunately. It says the reason for being disabled is that there is no connection to mobile data, if that makes any difference; I don’t suppose it would.

The issue was that I had Block connections without VPN switched on in Android. Thanks for the help anyway.


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