Syncthing detects devices, but does not sync folders

I have syncthing w/:

  • ubuntu box
  • android smartphone
  • added fw rule
  • syncthing detects devices
  • but does not sync my folders!

Any idea?

These are the ubuntu logs:

I wanted to add my logs here, but the forum prevents me from doing so!


Can you post a screenshot from the Ubuntu machine showing the folder and devices.

Have you selected the remote devices to share the folder with?

Maybe you have different folder IDs. Please post the same screenshot from OP 8pro too.

For the phone we need to see the screen after tapping on the folder.

From looking at this though, I am guessing Simon is correct and the folder IDs don’t match

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Unfortunately - for you - the folders on the smartphone and the ubuntu box do not match at all: hence the title “…but does not sync folders”.

All of a sudden one direction - smartphone → desktop - got synchronized completely! But other direction stopped at 84%… cp. screenshot

Before “Kamera” wasn’t there. That’s the problem: You shared folders, but didn’t accept them on the other side. So it doesn’t sync. Now some of them are shared, and thus synced, but they other still aren’t → not 100%.

Now I have all folders synched.

I have a bug for you “you can sync two different folders on the server into the same folder on the client”:

test steps:


  • create two shared folders and sync them to the client


  • create one local folder and connect the first shared folder to it
  • connect the local folder to the second shared folder
  • sync!

expected result: sync not possible!

actual result: both the original folders on the server have the same - duplicate - content!

Have a nice day! Gerrit

Do you mean that you managed to use the same folder ID for multiple folders, or just the path? If it is the latter, then there are legitimate cases, where people want to push multiple Send Only folders into a single Receive Only destination, etc., so I would say that this is just a feature :wink:.

It’s just the path: If you say it is a feature, it is very ugly!

One of the paths did not sync completely, though the progress was 100%


  1. Source path
  2. Destination path: empty

Client: 3) Synced path for Source and Destination on server 4) Synced path: 100%

Server: 5) Destination path: broken - not synced 100% from source path, but parts of it…


There are legit cases for sharing a given directory multiple times under different folder IDs. It can also be a mistake though, which is why there’s a red warning to that effect in the add folder dialog when you enter a path which is already shared.


There is a problem with that warning though. If you edit just the label and do not touch the “Folder Path” input field, the warning does not show up :worried:.

By default, the path just follows the label, creating the folder under the default path, so the user may never know that there is a clash.

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I got my devices and folders known to syncthing now!

One file changed: the syncronization does not complete to 100%, cp. screenshot.

My issue seems to be my Android 11 smartphone, as described here:

Ubuntu 20.04 latest version:

leder@home-ryzen-desktop:~$ syncthing
panic: runtime error: index out of range [1] with length 1

goroutine 1 [running]:
main.main() +0x52f

goroutine 5 [chan receive]:*nonrecursiveTree).dispatch(0xc0000c48a0, 0xc0000c47e0) +0xb6
created by +0xe5

goroutine 6 [chan receive]:*nonrecursiveTree).internal(0xc0000c48a0, 0xc0000c4840) +0x58
created by +0x111

goroutine 7 [sleep]:
	runtime/time.go:193 +0xd2 +0x2a
created by +0x15f
leder@home-ryzen-desktop:~$ syncthing -version
syncthing v1.15.0-rc.4 "Fermium Flea" (go1.16.2 linux-amd64) 2021-03-17 08:06:37 UTC [noupgrade]

1.15.0-rc.4 had that issue when run without any parameters, upgrade to rc.5 for the fix.

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ok, ty!

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