Syncthing deleted files without permission

I’m using Syncthing to share data( about 20GB) one-way between 2 devices Send Only and Receive Only. At first I thought it work fine untill I noticed that Syncthing had deleted a few files with no permission, this is dangerous because I didn’t set ignore patterns. Please help!

EDIT: I mean some files at SendOnly device were not synchronized, they were ignored but I didn’t set any ignore pattern, sometimes those files are synced but after that Syncthing delete them automatically.

More info please: What did you do (steps), what happened and what would you have expected to happen instead (also logs and screenshots are often helpful too). Syncthing should never delete files on the send-only side and it will delete stuff on the receive-only side if they are deleted on the send-only side. I don’t why ignores should be relevant hore.

I just edited my post.

With that little information it’s still not possible to find out what happened. We either need a longer description of what happened and logs of when that happened, or better yet, steps to reproduce the problem.

If syncthing deleted files, then some other peer in the cluster told it to do so.

Ignoring the files does not delete them.

Pressing override/revert changes can delete files, but you pressed the button asking it to do that.

You have to provide a step by step scenario how to reproduce what you believe is incorrect behaviour, because as it stands it’s just lose sentences with no context or details that could be analyzed.

I sync a lot of files, the thing i don’t understand is why almost all data are synchronized successfully, there are some files that syncthing were not sync ( just about 2 or 3 files in my case) on the Send Only and Syncthing doesn’t show any report about it. I remember the last time I saw those files were synchronized, I had to restart the computer ( Windows 2012 ) and waited about 4-5 minutes. Is that because Syncthing use so much CPU usage ?

Do you have logs, screenshots to describe the problem?

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