syncthing deleted all my camera pictures

Hello, After switching back to my phone (that was beein repaired), i added DCIM synchronization which i have been using for a long time

So, first i added the device to my mother devices (scanning the QR code of the syncthing instance from my computer)

Then from my computer i added the phone to the DCIM backup

For some reason, on the phone i was asked to “ignore all modifications” on the folder. I clicked on it and 2 days later i realize that like the 2/3 of my pictures are gone

thanksfully i had a backup on my nas for most of them, but it seems like the last month of pictures (following the birth of my young boy) is now totally gone.

Here are 2 suggestions :

  1. this “ignore all modifications” message is not clear, it should be telling you that some files will be deleted clearly

  2. the versionning option should be ACTIVATED BY DEFAULT when creating a new sync

i have been using various syncing apps and softwares for a very long time and i consider my self an advanced user and i had never lost pictures up to that point. I’m very disappointed it happenned with this syncthing considering it has been working pretty fine most of the time…

Which language are you using the app in? The message in English is about “overriding changes”, which may still not be 100% clear, but the message in your case looks like a wrong translation.

it is in french, can you find the translation in the UI?

im so mad right now, one month lost in this critical time…

i hope my misfortune will help others

this is not comprehensible as these syncs are bidirectional : why would it ask me to overide changes ?

and if it asks me something, i should have 2 choices, not just one?

i should either accept or refuse, but when the message appears it looks like the sync is “stopped” until the message is beeing clicked. It is an open door for mistakes like mine…

also on a side note i just deleted my previous post when trying to edit it. I clicked the 3 dots and the message was then highlighted in red. Then i didnt know if it was normal or not, i tried to undelete it but failed

Everytime you delete something, you should have a prompt that asks you to confirm your deletion, this should be an absolute rule that should be ignored only when you need to delete many things very frequently (like files in a file explorer)

here is what happenned

now i am stuck with this, i have no other option than click “ignore modifications” (litteral translation)

if i do, i will lose data with no possible way of recovering (actually now i have activated versionnning so i will be able but i dont know if its automatically enabled on every device)

I am really sorry to hear about the loss of those pictures, that’s an awful time for this to happen. Congratulations for becoming a parent (or adding another member to the family :slight_smile: ).

Fully agreed on the missing confirmation dialogue being a big issue. There is one in the main web UI, and one for android is in the works (but android dev was paused because of my vacation recently and generally in an uncertain state due to google shenanigans, so no promises). And this translation needs fixing too, it’s just plain wrong, and dangerous.

As to not having any other options: Primarily just don’t click the button - sync is still working. And then (after double checking) adjust folder type - DCIM should be editable on a reasonable not outdated android version, so it should work as send-receive. I am a bit confused because I thought the default folder type imposed is send-only, and I don’t see how that would delete the pictures. That’s why I said to change folder types only after “double checking” - the safest option is to have a copy/backup before doing anything (I don’t think that needs saying though after this experience).

As for versioning on by default: I don’t think that’s great. The p2p nature of syncthing imposes limits. Lots of users have incorrect assumption on what it can do (local deletions can’t be versioned). That’s problematic anyway, but would be even more problematic if enabled by default. There is really no way around automated, frequent backups.


Hi Imsodin thank you for your kind words,

  • as for “dont click the button, sync is still working” => are you sure ? because it seems to me sync stops and until i have clicked this button, nothing is working anymore so unless i delete the share and recreates it i’m stuck

  • this default share is send-receive on my syncthing android version. It doesnt change much though because it’s what i would have selected even if it was send-only. Also when you send a share to another device i’m guessing the send-receive is selected by default?

  • versionning by default was activated by default on bittorrent sync which i used previously and it was working well. It allowed me to recover data several times dues to bad manipulations. The only issue is that it takes space on the device or computer which i understand can be problematic for non advanced users

I will definitely have to implement some form of backup to come as a safeguard of syncing issues.


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EDIT : sorry i think it happenned because i put my nas on PAUSE on the computer so ignore this post

also - as i have turned my NAS back online i notice that when a problem like mine occurs on the windows or linux version of syncthing, we have the following behavior

so it says items are out of sync (probably as my nas was turned off when these items were deleted - which is itself an issue?)

and it asks me to fix the situation (actually i have not found any convenient way to do it besides going and deleting manually all these files on the out of sync device)

So on one version you have a button that effectively deletes all the out of sync files and on the other you have to go manually delete files (which at least prevents mistakes)

i do not understand how the same problem is handled in such different ways ? unless its not the same issue (sorry im not an expert)

I am sure that not nothing is syncing. Depending on the folder type (receive or send only) remote or local changes (new files, …) will still sync.

That’s weird. Only send/receive-only folders have an override/revert button. Please check in the folder details/edit view what it really is.
For the web UI/non-android the default is indeed send-receive, however for android there are some mechanism to check if a dir is writeable which can change the folder type.

Yes. And not just because of syncing, there are plenty other bad things that may happen.

You’re showing a screenshot of out-of-sync items and then explaining some things about deletions and manual interventions. However there isn’t enough information available to understand from the outside what the issue and your setup/actions are. The list of out-of-sync items is just that, it doesn’t ask you to do anything - it will sync those or show failed items with info on why it can’t sync them.

Please show screenshots of the involved folder on both side. And describe what you are doing, what you expect that happen and what is actually happening that is not as you expect.

see my edit - i think it was due to pausing the sync this destination so not a problem i think

so when i click on “web interface” i get the corresponding thing with the web view :

as you can see much clearer (red button that says “erase changes”)

i think i wouldnt have clicked that button without investigating like i did on the other

thanks again for your time & for working on syncthing

also after clicking :

i have a clear warning about what is about to happen (the missing local content will be deleted from other content etc…)

it seems to me it is urgent to remove the “ignorer les modifications” buttons from the main android interface as it is missing all these needed warnings (or/and redirect to the web interface)

thanks again for your time & for working on syncthing

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