Syncthing decides to create conflicts for no reason

I know the devs will ask me for repro but here is what I did and ended up with conflicts.

This is a case that happened last night. I was working in photoshop and saved my file multiple times maybe every 5 min or so. Then this morning I saw that the file has generated conflicts across devices. This does not make sense to me because I was the only person moodifying the file and I was using only one device to create/modify the file.

I had this conflicts popping up all over in the past but this was a very clear situation that I did not do anything to cause it. There is no one else modifying these files in my syncs so in reality syncthing should not create any conflicts but it does and this end up causing a lot of manual labor to clean up.

The only thing that I can add to the conversation is that I have many nodes (10+) that shares that folder. I have Windows, Linux, Android (I use arm builds and Android app varying with the device). Most of these devices sync in the background, I do not interact with them all the time.

Probably something weird is happening on the other devices. It might be the android side, since it doesn’t keep modtimes. We try to work around that, but perhaps there is a bug.

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That sounds like the probable cause.

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