Syncthing database

Does syncthing maintain a database which I can query to get information related to folders and events? Can a user access this database or is it internal to syncthing?

The APIs offer quite some freedom in the kinds of data you can obtain. These are usable for us users as well. I’m not entirely sure what information you look for exactly, but it’s all documented;

I was looking for access to syncthing database to view its contents and the tables in it.Are developers given only API call access ?

It’s a leveldb database with protobuf serialized objects. Using the API will be easier, but you can absolutely open the database directly. We have troubleshooting tools that do that, for example.


For clarity, its nor a sql database that you can query tables. Its a key value stored, where keys are bytes and values are bytes that only have meaning if you know the internal structure of the application. You can’t just open the database in some cli tool and explore it.


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