Syncthing + Cryptomator (filenames to long?)

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Hey everybody, i would like to ask whether someone is experiencing any similar issue? One of three via syncthing connected devices (device 1 running Ubuntu 18.04) tells me, that the filenames are too long (Cryptomator files) and the other two devices (device 2 - Ubuntu 18.04 as well and device 3 - Android 6.0) show this:


I asked as well in the Cryptomator Forum:

p.s.: Thank you so much for your work and this absolutely awesome sync tool! :blush:

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This are the Screenshots from Device 1:


(Audrius Butkevicius) #3

It’s a limitation of the filesystem, not one imposed by syncthing.

(Catfriend1) #4

Dito. Using both linux (desktop) machines running ext4 fs I had no problem testing this with ecryptFS.

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Thank you both for the answers! So Androids Filesystem would be the problem?

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Yes I think so as most sdcard’s are still formatted FAT32.


… or exFAT. But only if they are used as portable storage. If they are used as “internal” storage, they are formatted with ext4 (afaik).

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Thank you so much for the answers! Im going to investigate that. :slight_smile:

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