Syncthing + Cryptomator (filenames to long?)

Hey everybody, i would like to ask whether someone is experiencing any similar issue? One of three via syncthing connected devices (device 1 running Ubuntu 18.04) tells me, that the filenames are too long (Cryptomator files) and the other two devices (device 2 - Ubuntu 18.04 as well and device 3 - Android 6.0) show this:


I asked as well in the Cryptomator Forum:

p.s.: Thank you so much for your work and this absolutely awesome sync tool! :blush:

This are the Screenshots from Device 1:


It’s a limitation of the filesystem, not one imposed by syncthing.

Dito. Using both linux (desktop) machines running ext4 fs I had no problem testing this with ecryptFS.

Thank you both for the answers! So Androids Filesystem would be the problem?

Yes I think so as most sdcard’s are still formatted FAT32.

… or exFAT. But only if they are used as portable storage. If they are used as “internal” storage, they are formatted with ext4 (afaik).

Thank you so much for the answers! Im going to investigate that. :slight_smile:

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