syncthing crypto miner??

Hi there, I am using syncthing for a long time. I downloaded it from github in the beginning and it updated itself just fine. Now I saw heavy upload traffic from syncthing to the adress “”. Does anyone know what that is? What it could be?

Thx 4 F1.


Public relays. resolves to on my DNS. That’s a public relay which identifies itself as “Lifeforce WHQ”. You can disable relays (or host your own) if you don’t want them, but that potentially makes connecting more difficult.

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Ok, thank you for that information. It uploaded with about 6mb/s for about 30-40 seconds which I thought was a bit much for relay or what ever info. But ok.

Relay acts as a proxy for all of your traffic as your device cannot connect directly.

I don’t think uploading a lot of data is the primary characteristic of a crypto miner, either.


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