Syncthing cronjob spawning multiple instances of syncthing over and over on centos6 server

I wondered why my memory had drained even immediately after rebooting and had a quick look in htop. Syncthing seems to be spawning instances indefinitely.

Look at this htop dump

My cronjob is

@reboot /usr/local/bin/syncthing

There aren’t any files to update so it isn’t active jobs.

Any ideas?

I just updated to latest on both ends and still it is doing it on my server spawning countless ones.

Syncthing does not spawn itself, so it’s something you’ve set up is whats causing this

Given that virt and res is exactly the same, I’m guessing you’re looking at threads and not processes. I don’t see that being a problem.

They have different PIDs…?

It depends on what exactly it’s showing. Threads have PIDs on Linux. It’s complicated. :slight_smile:

By default htop shows individual threads, apparently. Use H to toggle this.

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