Syncthing crashing on Debian Stretch

Hi, I have two Syncthing servers. One is on a TrueNAS Scale, running as a container. The other is on a server on the interner running Debian Stretch. The two servers talk to each other. I confgured a single sync’d folder added some files to one end and they sync’d just fine.

I then add another folder at which point Syncthing just crashes every couple of minutes or less. I am looking to have 4 folders total and have got stuck at 1 working

It seems rock solid with a single folder - but unuseable with more than that. I have 4 folders configured, but only one is shared

v1.19.2, at both ends

Any ideas? There are lots of panic-20220423… etc files but I can’t make head not tail of them

You should definitely upload the panic logs :slightly_smiling_face:. They’re meant for debugging by developers, not for the user to analyse themselves :wink:.

Silly question - but is there anywhere special I should upload them to? They contain some confidential info

It took me a few minutes to find the obvious upload button - finally But is it OK to upload panic logs here?

You can remove the part between the first line and panic, essentially making them look like what’s shown at, and then upload the files here.

OK, 1 Panic File as requested panic-20220423-193001.reported.log (342.4 KB)

Anything else I can provide?

Panic at 2022-04-23T19:30:01Z
fatal error: newosproc

It doesn’t show what build etc this is, but the error looks like it’s caused by the OS limiting the number of threads or processes. It’s not a Syncthing programming error that we can fix, at least.

hats interesting. And makes a certain amount of sense given its running on a shared platform. I have raised a ticket with the support desk (but it is a weekend) to see if they can comment.

Is there a way of limiting Syncthing to cause minimum impact. Speed is not the major issue here

Its build V1.19.2 on Debian Stretch

I don’t think there’s anything user configurable that will directly affect the number of threads used, unfortunately. Fewer folders, fewer peer devices, lower folder concurrency → less activity → fewer threads, maybe, but that’s about it. Oh, you can set the environment variable GOMAXPROCS=1 to fix the number of threads used for CPU work, but that’s probably not a major factor.

Thank you @calmh

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