Syncthing crashing after updating to 1.23.6

I updated the app on my phone through Google Play and tried to launch it. It was stuck on “Loading” for about 15 seconds before Syncthing telling me to check the logs, because “syncthing seems to be taking too long to launch”. There were no Syncthing logs available, just a blank screen. Decided to reinstall the app from scratch. Adding permissions went fine, but then the app immediately crashed. Now I can’t even launch the app at all. Also there is now a persistent notification with the text “Syncthing was terminated”. I am using a Samsung A52s 5G.


+1 I have the same problem. After update to 1.23.6 app is on everlasting starting process and doesn’t start nor on Samsung s10e phone with Android 12 nor on Lenovo tab with Android 7.


+1 I have same problem on Samsung Tab S7+ android 13

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After turning off and relaunching Syncthing, I get this notification.

Same issue, Android 13. Decided to join beta, hope it is fix in it.


imsodin, thanks for the link.

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I just updated my Galaxy S7+ 13 and everything is working fine.

Don’t know what may have happened to yours. My Galaxy cell S21 received the update today and also working fine.

Most likely you just got the fixed update directly (, that was published hours after the broken version - nice to hear that it’s working.

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Yes. You are absolutely correct. I’m running on both devices.

Great thanks for quick remedy.

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