Syncthing contacting Romania server


Recently I tightend the security of my network. I enabled a rule on my router that restrics access to certain IP’s. This is a list that comes from Synology and I have not double checked it. At the moment I restart my computer there is a connection to a Romanian server on IP: This should be in the network. I think the list of Synology is over cautious and it is a false positive. Is there anybody who can confirm that this IP is a legit?

Don’t get me wrong i love syncthing but just wanted to have confirmed that the servers of are running some (update?) services for syncthing.

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Read the docs about relays.

To elaborate on Audrius’s message, Syncthing uses a network of relay servers to proxy traffic when your devices can’t connect to each other directly. For example, if both ends are behind NAT.

These relays are contributed by third parties; they could be anyone. Your traffic is still end-to-end private and authenticated. You can disable use of relays if you want.


The relay pool server has a maps issue of sorts, but it shows there are relays in Romania.


Thanks for that link i could find the IP in there and so i’m sure it is a relay server. Thank you all for replying.

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