Syncthing constantly scanning and not syncing

I got syncthing working smoothly at first, but it seems to have been getting locked up during scans.

I have syncthing sending Unifi Video recordings of one of our cameras to our offsite backup. It’s totaling about 330gb 45 dirs and 830,000 files.

Am I reaching the limits of syncthing capability with that many files?

No, as shows, there are many much larger installations.

Okay then,

Do you have any suggestions on how to fix the issue? I need to try to get this working properly ASAP to stay within certain state regulations I need to follow.

You haven’t provided any information for me to be able to recommend any fix. Screenshots, logs, or anything else that would help understand the problem you are having.

My apologies. Here’s the screenshot:

Unfortunately the logs are unhelpful since there are no errors being thrown even with verbose logging enabled.

I’m dumb and can’t figure out how to directly send you a message on here with the log file, rather than posting it to the internet for everyone.

This side doesn’t show an obvious issue. It shows scanning, which is expected if there were changes. Why the other side isn’t downloading data isn’t clear – the UI on the other side might show failed items or otherwise some useful log entries.

Found the issue.

Both servers we’re getting choked out on ram. Turns when you get over a million files, you need a lot of ram of syncthings database.

Now syncthing just takes forever scanning since it will only use 1 core, rather than being multithreaded.

What is “a lot”?

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