Syncthing connecting to notebook - wired vs wifi are different?

From testing it seems that on my windows 2012 LAN with AD, and using synctrayzor with syncthing, my notebook is recognized when connected via wire to the LAN; but not when it is connected via it’s wifi network. The IP address for the two nics would be different of course. The original syncthing config was done while using the wired connection.

Is this “the way it has to be” if I use the wifi (router supplying ip address) vs wired (using AD DHCP services)?

Or am I misunderstanding something, or is there a way inside of synctrayzor or syncthing to accommodate the different connection modalities?

Are LAN and Wifi the same network? So same IP range and broacast / multicast packets can be send from LAN to Wifi and the other way?

Thanks for the reply and generally thanks to everyone for this extremely useful software.

I don’t really understand how wifi via router and AD work together. From a wifi connection I can otherwise access network resources on the LAN (using windows explorer etc). So in normal use the main LAN is transparently available to the notebook on wifi.

The LAN and Wifi are probably not transfering broadcast / multicast to each other, so local discovery cannot work.

Try adding the IP of the Windows server in the remote device dialog on the notebook. Currently it should say dynamic, change it to dynamic, tcp://{ip or name of windows server}:22000.

Oddly enough, today it’s sync’ing via wifi as it used to. Didn’t change anything. If it happens again I’ll try your suggestion out. Thanks again.

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