Syncthing configuration page error "ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED"

Hi all

Am brand new to syncthing, I am trying to get it working to use with Obsidian. I am struggling as on installation it opens the configuration page to a “This site can’t be reached” error, showing ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED. I have followed some troubleshooting guides about opening ports etc, to no avail. I am using the latest version. Any suggestions gratefully received!

Unfortunately there’s not much to go on besides “Obsidian”, “Syncthing” and “This site can’t be reached”. :wink:

Based on the error “This site can’t be reached”, you’re likely using Chromium/Chrome.

“ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED” usually means either the server in the URL is not responding, or the resource being accessed isn’t available.

Any details including the following would be helpful:

  • Syncthing package(s) being used (a download link would be most helpful because there are 3rd-party bundles supported by their developers).
  • Operating systems (Syncthing package helps narrow things down, but it never hurts to know an exact version).
  • Types of devices being used (e.g. desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, NAS).
  • Network (e.g. wired, wireless, local network only, cellular network).

No detail is too small when it comes to diagnosing software and/or networking issues.

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That’s fair enough, apologies. It is indeed CHrome, although for the sake of completeness I get the same error on Edge.

Download was via github:

OS is Windows 11 Home Device: Desktop PC Network is wired Current firewall/AV is AVG

I am eventually hoping to get syncthing set up to enable me to use Obsidian (note taking app if people aren’t familiar) on my PC and my Android phone, I haven’t even attempted installation on the phone yet.

Hope this is more helpful.

What is the address that you are trying to open in the browser?

Also, I’ve seen people quite frequently reporting conflicts when using Obsidian with Syncthing. You may want to search for “obsidian” on this forum and read the topics related to it, as there may be some useful tips in there.

No problem. There have been other posts with less info to work with. :grinning:

Yes, depending on the vintage of Edge the results will vary because back in early 2020 Microsoft ditched its old Edge in favor of a new Edge based on Google’s Chromium web browser. So anyone still running Windows 7, 8 or 10 might have one or the other generation of Edge with different error messages for the same issue.

Ah, one of the community bundles. Did you choose the administrative or non-administrative install?

Windows plus a local firewall complicates things a bit, but not too much.

If your only other Syncthing device is a phone, then you’ll definitely need to open up port 22000/tcp in AVG.

Another consideration is if you only want to sync while your desktop PC and phone are on the same local network, or if you want to be able to sync while away from your desktop PC (e.g. via a mobile data connection, public hotspot, etc.).

Definitely! :wink:

The address is the standard one that comes preconfigured,

I haven’t even got to setting up Obsidian to work with it yet, but I am aware of the conflicts. The issues with it are the prime reason I’m setting it up for me first before getting it configured for my wife who is actually going to be using it a heck of a lot more!

Ah, one of the community bundles. Did you choose the administrative or non-administrative install?

I tried administrative first, had the same issue and did a bit of research that indicated non-administrative might work. Uninstalled/reinstalled as non-admin to no joy.

If your only other Syncthing device is a phone, then you’ll definitely need to open up port 22000/tcp in AVG.

Yes, I’ve got that port set to open in AVG for Syncthing.

Syncthing is running, I just can’t access the config page to actually get it doing anything.

It’s possible that HTTPS hasn’t been enabled yet, so try the non-encrypted URL:

If you don’t need to do remote connections to Syncthing’s GUI, it’s probably not necessary to enable HTTPS.

That worked! Thankyou! I feel a bit dozy for not realizing that.

You’re welcome! :smile:

I’m not afraid to admit to having had the same experience many times, especially when I’ve been staring at the problem for too long.

Not having a good evening…got in…started setting things up and it has now logged me out and won’t reload…but we have a new error, we now have: ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR so I shall start working through the troubleshooting for that :smiley:

I worked through that a few months ago, IIRC the next version fixed it – it was an issue with PaleMoon browser that didn’t bother Chrome-derivs. YMMV.

[Its easier to accept a self-signed cert in PaleMoon to be remembered and not get the warning finger every time I try to connect.]

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