Syncthing Combined with BackBlaze B2 (on TrueNAS Core)

It is incremental aka saving the diff.

Another advantage of Duplicati (and all softwares implementing it) is deduplication: the same file present many times will only be saved once.

In my situation, a lot of users share files through various services, so deduplication saves a ton of space.

The downside is that if there’s corruption in the backup, all copies of the file are corrupted. But with two different backups + source files, I’m not too worried about this. You can also add parity files for error robustness to Duplicati I think.

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Yes, TrueNAS has deduplication as well, but I’ve been warned not to use it. A shame really, though luckily I have very few duplicates.

It’s a nice feature that Duplicati has a S/W parity function as well, I’ll certainly not forget about it.